Monday, 22 June 2009

Why do museums have to be closed on Mondays...

Damn museums. There's us being good and actually getting ourselves to Cecil Higgins to complete a media unit... and its CLOSED. Why close it on Mondays. What could the museum staff possible have to do that is so special that they have to close it every Monday. Monday is the start of the week!

Although there is the obvious sense of WASTE OF TIME... we did use this time of waste to randomly explore a patch of Bedford we rarely go to... that massive mound/castle thingy which overlooks the river Great Ouse. I would have posted the photos I took... but I didn't think to take them on a digital camera and played around with my new [old] toy... a SLR which goes by the name of Praktica BCA. Its pretty nice... it has a 10~ year old film inside it which I've been clicking away, hoping it will be possible to develop it when I'm done. If not... at least I've had some practice ay. Apart from that, Darren decided to nearly run Shoddy over a few times, I discovered I have at least one A for media, we recorded some footage for a future SMS TV episode and I found my phone. Good times.

Gah, 6 days to finish Media! Will it happen? Will Mitchie be the proud owner of TWO A's?!
I hope so...


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